Meet the Chef

Preparing this food for you is what I love to do!

-Mandela Welch

I started out by making batches of Banana Pudding for people who I knew. Over time, the size and number of orders increased. I decided to expand the menu to other soul food Items. We season our food here at Mandela's and we present your food to you in a way that is appealing to the eye. When get your order from our soul food restaurant, it not only tastes good but its good for your soul.

We take our time and make it right. Our food is prepared and presented to you as if you were a beloved member of our family. You are family at Mandelas.

This is a soul food restaraunt with a home-cooked taste and feel. We started this kitchen with a love for our craft that you will feel when you enjoy what we make.

Check Out Taco Tuesday!!!!

Check the calendar for our menu of the day. You don't want to Miss Mandela Cafe's Taco Tuesday!